Measuring Information

To get the best fitting garment, Dom Bagnato recommends using the following guide. If you are unhappy with the fit of your garment, do not be alarmed. Dom Bagnato offers refunds and exchanges for online purchases. Head to our Shipping and Returns page for more information.

We recommend that you measure yourself to ensure you select a garment that fits you perfectly. For jackets, using a tape measure, measure the distance around your chest under your armpit. Make sure you are standing in a relaxed posture and wearing a business shirt. Pull the tape so that it's firm and take the measure at the centre of your chest in centimetres.

When measuring your shirt size, take a measuring tape and measure around your neck. Ensure that you're in a relaxed standing position and take the measurement in centimetres at your Adam's Apple.

For your trouser size, take a measuring tape and measure around your waist just under your belly button. Make sure you're standing up in a relaxed position. It's important to note that tailored trousers sit higher on the waist than jeans or chinos, which are more likely to sit on your hip bones. Take this into consideration when measuring your waist for tailored pants.

Size Guide - Tailoring


Size Guide - Shirts